About us

The Lowest Heating Oil Prices in the Wethersfield, Bloomfield, Windsor, Glastonbury, South Windsor & West Hartford, CT Area

Brothers Oil Company is a Connecticut-based oil company, founded in 1978. The business began when two brothers recognized the need for a more affordable, full-service alternative to the fuel oil providers of the day. At the time, the average price per gallon for heating oil was well below $1.00 and would be for some years to come. This allowed many retailers to charge excessively higher prices per gallon. Consumers had little incentive to take notice of whether they were paying too much for diesel fuel or heating oil delivery.

Seeing that the long-term price trend for heating oil was rising, and that excessive rates per gallon were not a true representation of the costs of doing business, Brothers Oil Company began offering full service at discount prices. Year after year, as heating oil prices rose and consumers became more and more aware, Brothers steadily grew.

Why Choose Brothers Oil?

We are proud of the benchmark we’ve helped create for down-to-earth pricing on fuel delivery. We’ve done so while providing high quality, dependable services and a full portfolio of money saving contracts and programs to our customers.


Satisfying Our Customers With Affordable Heating Oil Prices

Today, Brothers Oil Company remains family owned and locally operated. We’ve resisted recent consolidation trends in the industry by larger, non-local companies. Following such trends would only raise our costs and “de-personalize” the service we offer our customers. As families and businesses throughout the Greater Hartford area continue to seek the best value to serve their fuel delivery and heating service needs, Brothers Oil will continue to provide it. We look forward to another 39 years of service to our communities.

Please call today to work with our team! We serve the South Windsor, West Hartford, Glastonbury, Windsor, Bloomfield, Wethersfield, CT and surrounding areas.