Fuel Payment & Pricing Plans in Greater Hartford, CT

At Brothers Oil Company, Inc., we understand the kind of strain that heating your Central Connecticut home can put on your wallet. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our customers flexible payment and pricing plans, to make getting your Bioheat® fuel just a little bit easier. Continue exploring this page to learn about our fuel budget options and contact us today if you have any questions or would like to enroll!


Fuel Payment Plan Options in CT from Brothers Oil

Budget Plan

Our monthly budget payment plan is designed to ease large heating bills during the cold winter months. This is achieved by spreading payments out equally over an 11-month basis. With this plan, your monthly payment is calculated by dividing an estimated yearly dollar amount for the total cost to heat your home by the months remaining in the budget season. June is adjustment month, and any credit in the account will be refunded if requested or deducted from the following budget year. Reach out today to learn more about this payment option or to sign up!

Price Protection Program

Plan 1: Prepaid in Full—If you choose this program, you prepay for all the fuel you will use during the year, with a low fixed price per gallon and a 500-gallon minimum.

Plan 2: 8 Monthly Payments—This program is like the prepaid in full option, but you pay a bit more per month over an 8-month period, plus a $200 deposit on your 500-gallon minimum.

Plan 3: Price Cap with Downside Protection—With this program, you lock in a capped price per gallon on a minimum of 500-gallons; if the price of oil winds up being lower than your capped price, you pay the lower price! This helps to ensure you’re protected no matter which way fuel prices go, and this plan can be combined with Plan 1 or Plan 2 for even more peace of mind.

Ready to enroll in a budget plan or price protection program with Brothers Oil? Get in touch with our experts today!