Heating Oil Delivery Newington CT

If you are looking for heating oil delivery Newington CT,  look no further than Brothers Oil. We have been providing heating and fuel delivery services in Connecticut ever since 1978. You can count on our professionals for top quality and dependable services.

Our History

Brothers Oil was founded when two brothers realized the need for fuel delivery at a reasonable price. Back in the day, the average price of oil per gallon was below $1.00. Retailers would take advantage and charge extra high prices to consumers.

The consumers did not have much incentive to check if they were being overcharged for heating oil or diesel fuel delivery.  Noticing the rising price trend and the excessive price per gallon, Brothers Oil started their business by offering oil delivery at slashed prices.

Types of Oil Available

At Brothers Oil, we manage oil delivery from Monday to Saturday all through the heating season. However, we do not provide services on Saturdays from April through September.

In the summer season, deliver from Monday to Thursday only. We do not work at night, on Sundays, or on holidays. Nevertheless, we deliver fuel 24/7 to our Automatic Delivery customers. The three different types of oil we provide are:

 #2 home heating oil
Diesel fuel

At Brothers Oil, we try our best to make oil delivery as convenient as possible for you. If you subscribe to our Automatic Delivery Service, we will deliver oil punctually without you having to make a call every time. Our experienced professionals offer superior quality yet reasonable oil delivery. Call 860-856-8581 to speak with one of our oil delivery professionals today.

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