Why You Should Schedule A/C Maintenance Every Year

When summer comes to Greater Hartford, most homeowners are thinking about how to stay cool and save a buck. No matter the age, size, or efficiency of your A/C, having an HVAC professional perform maintenance just once a year can make a significant difference on both your comfort and your budget. We rely on our air conditioners for those dog days that are just too hot and humid – and nothing is worse on those days than an A/C breakdown. Most homeowners don’t get their A/C system serviced at the end of the season, but after running for that last, long summer season, clogged filters and other proper maintenance items will need attention for sure – especially after the system has been idle for 6 months. Keep reading this post from the experts Brothers Oil and Brothers Mechanical to learn the most common problems found during air conditioner maintenance.

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Common Air Conditioner Issues in CT

Before the hottest days of summer get here, you’ll want to get your A/C serviced. If there is a potential issue with your air conditioner and you continue to operate it, it could lead to a major malfunction or breakdown, resulting in costly repairs or the need for a replacement. Some common problems we come across during our service calls include:

  • Clogged condensate line
  • Debris build-up in outdoor coil fins restricting airflow
  • Failed capacitor in the outdoor unit
  • Rodent damage to wiring in the outdoor unit
  • Leaking outdoor coil due to damage or wear and tear
  • Damage to the outdoor unit due to fallen ice
  • Failed fan/blower motor at the air handler or outdoor unit

Determine if You Need a New A/C System

Another great reason to schedule your air conditioning system’s service is so you can determine early in the season if you need a new A/C system. Get in touch with a licensed and professional A/C company, such as Brothers Mechanical, who can provide you with expert advice, competitive A/C estimates, and a reasonable timeline for installation. Plus, we have low monthly payment financing options available to offset the upfront cost of a new A/C system.

Schedule A/C Maintenance Before It Gets Too Hot

If you notice any problems with your A/C, don’t wait to have it repaired. Brothers Mechanical Services repairs and services central and ductless air conditioners. We can also provide installations of ductless mini-split A/C systems, as well as central air conditioning units. We’re dedicated to serving our customers with the utmost care and helping you catch small issues before they become bigger problems. Simply book a maintenance appointment for your A/C and keep your oil tank full by ordering a delivery from Brothers Oil. Then, relax and let us handle your home comfort.